On the Playground Andrew? Ryan, Terry Buckthorpe, Don Lawson, Calvin Kass, girl hidden, Judith Birkett, Paul Rhodes. Terry Buckthorpe (1959-1964) married Carol Moister...
On the Playground
On the Hockey Field Peter Penfold (Geography) and Terry Buckthorpe
On the Hockey Field
Cricket Team BACK ROW: Terry Buckthorpe, ..... David Fountain. FRONT ROW: John Curtis, dk, dk, Richard Smith, Mike Richardson.
Cricket Team
Cricket Team BACK ROW: Terry Buckthorpe, FRONT ROW: 5 Mike Richardson,
Cricket Team
Form 2A 1960 This is an almost black photocopy of a newspaper cutting. (the worst combination to scan!) It is quite difficult to see but if anyone can name the pupils at...
Form 2A 1960
Cool Dudes Brian Williams (French), Terry Buckthorpe (French and PE), Howard Crowther (Physics), and Tony King (lab assistant)
Cool Dudes
Class 2Y 1960 This was Terry Buckthorpe's Class - possibly 1959/60 I Y or 2Y BACK ROW: 1 DK, 2 Andrew Ryan, 3 dk. 4 Paul Rhodes, 9 Vicki ? MIDDLE ROW: Is it Cheryl? 9 Coral...
Class 2Y 1960