Photos from Phil Harrison c. 1968 22-02-2019

Speech Day Prize Winners 1968
Nottingham Evening Post December 3rd 1968 Phil says: Believe it might be Michael Monk (centre) on the back row. Then dk, Phil Harrison.
Sports Day (220 yds, or 200M) c.1968
RHS by the tape is Mr Clough (with his back to the camera). Also Mr Hollyworth (glasses). I think it might be Jimmy Ellis in lane 4.
Margaret Glen-Bott Football Team c.1968
Photograph developed at the Photography Club, in Jim Selman's biology lab. Have noticed that the image is fading quite steadily. BACK ROW: Mr Mee, Ian Petty,…
HRH Prince Philip at ?
Left to Right: David Seaton (Baggy), Mr. Clough, Phil Harrison, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, dk lady (at back), Nigel Kenworthy (Kenny)
U15 Football Team c. 1968
BACK ROW: 1 Mr Rankin, 2 Ian Julian, 3 Chris Blood, 4 Ian Saunderson, 5 Steven Bosley (Boz), 6 Melvin Henshaw 7 Mr Peake (Headmaster) MIDDLE ROW: 1 Ian Petty, 2…
Phil Harrison
Probably trying on his new school Uniform?
Basketball c. 1968
BACK ROW: Mr. Mee, Mr. Tom Willis, Brian Royd (Bugsy), Mr. Peake FRONT ROW: Fred Greenhalge, William Roberts, Steven Bosley (Boz), Phil Harrison, Jagtar Singh.