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MGB Class and Panaramic Photos
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Margaret Glen-Bott 1964? leavers
I''d hazard a guess that this is the 5th form taken in 1964. The photo is blurred, but can you identify anyone more please?

BACK ROW (Elevated boys): 1, Ken Urbanowitz, 2,Ray Scott, 3 dk, 4 dk, 5 Alan Summerfield, 6 David Eldridge,

MIDDLE / BACK ROW (Boys standing):1 Melvin Hughs, 2 Tony Payne, 3 Richard or Nick Townsend, .. gap move on to rgt hand side .... 4 dk (face partly obscured), 5 dk, 6 John Deere or Dear, 7 Kelvin Cass? or Jason Priestley?

FRONT ROW (All the Girls): 1 Carol Garton, 2 Pamela Farrington, 3 Jennifer Marlow? 4 dk, 5 Shirley Dixon, 6 Linda Moorhouse?, 7 dk, 8 dk, 9 Janet Tinsley,10 Karen Kay, 11 Carol Cumberland, 12 Gina Fulton, 13 dk, 14 dk,15 dk.

FRONT: Howard Stirling

photo from John Simpson - from a neg - it may have origined from my sister in law - Coral Dyson
Photo reference: MGB-c1964-cd02