Buildings and Class Rooms 14-06-2002—17-06-2020

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Map of School
Extract from Ordnance Survey Map - dated 1955 - possibly surveyed during contruction or shortly after. Note the boundary has not been extended further into…
Glen-Bott / Bluecoat School Map
Ordnance Survey - c.2010 - essentially the same as Margaret Glen Bott in the 1960s. Blocks X and Y not there in 1960s W=Woodwork and Metalwork D=Domestic…
Bluecoat School 2020 (was Margaret Glen-Bott)
Map shows the various stages of building development: KEY: RED = MGB demolished BLUE = MGB Retained and probably reclad. PURPLE = MGB or BLUECOAT built sometime…
Bluecoat School 2020
Map is from The Derbyshire Mapping Portal
Redevelopment of Margaret Glen-Bott School Site
taken from Sutton Passeys Crescent
2014 - View from road into top entrance
Photo from Jim France. To left is the old but reclad school gym. The Janitors house are still there out of shot on left hand side.
Page 7 Photo of Margaret Glen-Bott Secondary School
from school opening leaflet.
Demolition of Margaret Glen-Bott
This is the wing where the library was situated.

Photo from Ann Gregory - taken July 2013
Front of Margaret Glen-Bott Secondary School c.1962
Says Jim France who took this photo: 'You can see that there is only one staff car out front and the Stevenometer collecting weather data sits proudly out front…
Demolition of Margaret Glen-Bott
Middle area?

Photo from Ann Gregory - taken July 2013